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Chutneys & Condiments

We make our chutneys with fruit in season and grown in Te Horo. We use the best quality cider or wine vinegars to ensure that the natural flavours of the fruit dominate. We also use only the minimum sugar and salt required to ensure that the fruit is properly preserved. We do not use any additives or chemical preservatives.
Thai Plum Chutney
A rich yet fruity flavour from our wide range of plums, boosted with jalapeno chillis - stunning served with cold or hot pork, venison, beef or lamb. Also delicious with cheese.
Handmade from fresh organic plums from our orchard, chillis, wine vinegar, lemongrass, coriander, Thai basil, and a few other spices.
Moroccan Peach Chutney
This chutney is rich, dark and heavenly, the exotic spices complimenting the sweet tartness of the peach - delicious with macaroni cheese, in a sandwich with just about anything or to accompany any meats.
Handmade from fresh organic peaches from our orchard, red wine vinegar and Moroccan spices, sultanas, onions, a dash of sugar.
Smokey Lime & Feijoa Chutney
Smoked paprika and fresh lime juice add a layer of complexity to the richness of feijoas. A delicious chutney that graces any cold meat, or hot curry.
Handmade from fresh organic feijoas, limes and chillies from our orchard, cider vinegar and spices, onions, a dash of sugar.
Pear & Chilli Chutney
Chilli gives this rich sweet chutney a lovely strong kick - perfect with cold meat, salad and punchy cheeses.
Handmade from fresh organic pears and chillies from our orchard, sultanas, cider vinegar and spices, onions, a dash of sugar.
Preserved Lemons
A lovely gift complete with notes on how to use them. Tasty addition to rice or any middle eastern dish ... and they look so enticing too.
Fig & Olive Tapenade
A mediterranean delight - organic figs, black and green olives, a tapenade to savour.  Delicious on crackers, sourdough, with cheeses... and a glass of your favourite vintage.
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