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We love discovering new combinations and tastes from our orchard. We try to be a little different, a little exciting, to waken those taste buds, especially first thing in the morning. Mind you, at the end of a hard working day a treat is always in order.
Vanilla Strawberry Jam
Vanilla Strawberry
Plump chunks of strawberries with just the right sweetness make this jam ideal for a dessert with cream or yogurt; alternatively they provide a sumptuous match with scones and whipped cream for high tea.
Fig, Pear & Walnut
A delicious accompaniment to blue cheese on a slice of french or sourdough bread. And really yummy just on its own.
Fig Pear and Walnut chutney
Clementine Whisky Marmalade
What a decadent kick start to the day, or a delicious dessert with meringues and whipped cream.
Raspberry Peach Jam
This jam is wonderfully fragrant and beautifully colourful, with the combination of luscious sweet peaches and plump red raspberries to give it sweetness overlaid with soft berry tartness.
Damson Jam
Damsons make the best breakfast jam. These old-fashioned fruit have their own unique flavour, with more tartness than the rest of the plum family - but oh! what a jam!
Pear Jam with Crystalised Ginger
The sweetness of the pear is neatly balanced with the spicy tartness of the ginger - delicious as a spread and a dessert.
Apricot Compote
Another delicious compote that can be both dessert (with cream or yogurt) or fitting for scones and whipped cream; or just delicious on a slice of sourdough bread.
Three Fruit Marmalade
Actually it's four fruits - grapefruit, lemon, orange and lime - medium to thick cut with a delightful range of colours and a truly citrus marmalade of the English tradition.
Kaffir Lime Marmalade
This is my favourite - sweet and tart, the limes and kaffir leaves have a special taste of their own.
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